Streamline photo collection with the new Priorities feature

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Shelfgram helps you mobilize your team to make the most of store checks. That's why we just launched the new priorities feature for private collections. It's the simplest way to let your team know what kinds of photos you're looking for.

Private collection admins can now create, reorder, and remove priorities and anyone in a private collection can view the current priorities on both the web and mobile applications.

Let's say you've got an upcoming customer meeting and are looking to get examples of displays at a key competitor for sales support. With the priorities feature, you can add the request and it's immediately updated for all of your users to see.

Priorities are a great way to engage colleagues that might not normally participate in the store check process but who want to be part of the win and help out. Folks that work in disciplines outside of marketing and sales (e.g. finance, legal, HR) can now quickly contribute the right photos by taking a look at the current priorities while doing their weekly grocery trip or whenever they happen to be in-store.

We're excited to see what you do with priorities!

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