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📅 Time travel store checks? Check out the new date filters!

1 minute read

As occasion shopping becomes more popular, retailers are executing an increased number of seasonal events throughout the year. More than ever before, it's critical to 'win the season'.

Of course, it's impossible to see the retail environment from a few months ago if you're doing a store check today.

That's why one of the things we're most excited about building is the ability to transform the store check process from a point-in-time assessment to a 'store evolution' capability. By going back in time, you can see the impact of new product launches on a category, review seasonal strategies year-over-year, or identify executional challenges during key events such as planogram changes.

Using Shelfgram's new custom date filters, you can now specify the exact time period/s you're looking for.

And if you're looking for quick access to relevant photos, you can still select from one of our predefined options like 'Year to date', 'Last 30 days', or 'Current month'.