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Bring the store check into your office with Shelfgram’s new photo slideshows!

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We know it’s hard to find the time to do store checks and many of us only see a few nearby locations. With the industry now returning to the office, we thought it would be cool to better integrate retail awareness into day-to-day office life.

That’s why our latest feature release brings the power of Shelfgram’s global virtual store tour into your office environment, so your team can passively build a common understanding of the category.

The new slideshow feature is now available on any photo feed under the Actions menu. Simply apply whatever filters you’d like, click on the Slideshow button, and instantly transform any computer monitor or TV around the office into a perpetual presentation. We’ll stream what your shoppers are seeing into your office in an always-on, real-time feed.

You can now convert the lobby of your office so that retail execution is at the forefront of your team's thinking everyday or bring the retail reality into your next sales meeting by running a slideshow on the meeting room screens between the sessions (or even during them)!

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