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Campaigns come to Shelfgram!

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During the pandemic, there was a massive resurgence of QR codes with shopper marketing teams quickly integrating them into retail activations. Across every category and channel, we’ve seen these matrix barcodes featured on displays, retailer circulars, shelf communication, and even product packaging. They link shoppers to branded contests, microsites, digital coupons, virtual experiences, and more… all with just a simple smartphone camera scan. 

That’s why we’re excited to share a new feature on Shelfgram that leverages our AI to identify QR codes in retail photos. We automatically scan the photos and then group them together using the QR code itself as a tag. We’re calling this new feature “Campaigns” and it’s made tracking all the digital experiences being marketed to your shoppers easier than ever.

We know that in-store promotional campaigns are some of the biggest qualitative drivers of sales performance. But because they come and go, they’re difficult to identify and even harder for marketing and sales teams to track. 

With the new Campaigns module, you can see your promotion’s reach across the country, check out what the competition is doing, and explore historical promotions across any category to find inspiration and study best practices. 

Shelfgram's photo viewer now also displays scanned QR codes in the details pane. Clicking on them opens whatever digital experience is encoded in the tag so you can explore that too right from your device! We’ve also added a ZIP download to the new photo viewer to let you share the entire promotional campaign in a click.

Starting today, all Shelfgram Enterprise users now have access to Campaigns from the Explore button in the main menu!

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