Introducing the new Follow button!

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As Shelfgram has grown, we’ve gathered photos from hundreds of categories, channels, and markets and we understand that the main feed can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’re excited to launch the new Follow button to help you to filter out the noise and keep the content shown in your feed relevant!

You’ll find the Follow button on any retailer, brand, or category page. If you work at an agency or consultancy, you might want to follow your clients’ businesses to keep your finger on the pulse. Alternatively, if you have oversight across a portfolio of health and beauty categories, you can now follow those relevant categories to curate your own personalized feed.

Also, we know that it’s pretty common in the industry to move companies or change roles so we’ve made it really easy to manage the pages you follow on Shelfgram. You can edit everything you're following right from your following feed so that your current interests are always reflected in the content you’re subscribed to.

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