Make the most of your retail photos with the Field Agent - Shelfgram integration

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Earlier this year, we partnered with Field Agent to provide coverage of key categories impacted by COVID-19 across Canada. You can see the collection of more than 2,000 photos here.

We're excited to share that a technical integration with Field Agent is now finished. Shelfgram users looking to crowdsource retail photos can order photos through Shelfgram, have them fulfilled by an agent, and delivered back on Shelfgram!

Any photos you order will be uploaded into a collection for you on Shelfgram. For our enterprise users, your photos will be uploaded into your organization's private collection.

Finally, if your company has completed photo audits in the past with Field Agent, we're also able to upload all historical data to Shelfgram so that you can continue making use of it for things like tracking changes in the share of the shelf.

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