New on Shelfgram: Save your feed to a collection

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While Shelfgram gives you broad visibility across every retail category, channel, and market, an important part of our vision is to give you the filters to zoom in on your business with clarity and specificity.

In September, we made filtering photos on Shelfgram a lot better with new custom date filters, demographic filters, and geographic filters. Since then, we saw more complex filtering and got some feedback that it would be great to be able to save those views so that you don’t need to apply the same filters each time you’d like to look at the feed in a certain way.

With our newest release, we’ve redesigned the feed menu and introduced a new ‘Save to a collection’ button that lets you save your filtered feed as a collection.

For example, let’s say we want to look at 7 premium water brands in the grocery and mass merch channels in Mexico, Canada, and the US. After adding these filters, you can now save this view to a collection so that you’ve got a handy shortcut to it for next time.

All the photos in your feed will be saved to your new collection and when new photos are posted to Shelfgram that match your collection’s filters, we’ll automatically add those as well!

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