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Shelfgram private spaces help your team collaborate on retail execution

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Deploying Shelfgram across your organization is now even faster and easier. Just share a link to your private collection's co-branded landing page and your users can activate their accounts in one click.

This works just like joining a Zoom call. After requesting access, the private space admin is notified and if they approve the request, then the user is given access to see what's in the private collection and upload to it.

Private spaces are not limited to just your team. You can also include agency partners, brokers, and anyone else you'd like to collaborate with.

All private collections come with a new user management dashboard where you can add additional admins, see user activity, and set and revoke access.

Private spaces automatically bring in relevant content from the public cloud and can be configured with additional login options including username and password, SSO, or Google or Microsoft social sign on.

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