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Check assortment, pricing, shelving, merchandising, and more across thousands of stores from your laptop

Localized Assortment

Shelfgram provides you with visibility across your full retail network, including retailers that don't participate in data syndication programs and hard to reach channels where ground truth data is incomplete.

When you build assortment plans, you can now take into account store-level nuances to create more attractive propositions to local shoppers while improving the profitability and efficiency of your categories.

Perfect store

Shelfgram helps you show the relationship between in-store conditions and sales - and it can help you unlock the keys to executional success.

With Shelfgram, your team can easily monitor in-store communication, product assortment, pricing, and placement. Next time you see swings in sales data, you can go into Shelfgram and cluster photos to get a deeper understanding of what might have caused it.

As you prepare in-store execution guidelines, Shelfgram can also help you know what kinds of tactics are possible at each retailer based on historical and competitive information. Some of our enterprise users even use our platform for training and 'virtual store check' lunch-and-learns.

Business planning

Shelfgram helps your team discover, analyze, and prioritize these opportunities so you can confidently focus your strategy on the improvements that will have the largest business impact.

Our reporting feature integrates seamlessly into your monthly reporting process and for annual retrospectives, you'll be able to consider how planogram compliance, shelf resets, promotional displays, and more impacted your business.

Trend identification

With Shelfgram, you'll have global visibility across the world of retail. In the time it would take you to visit one store, you can see hundreds on our platform and benefit from cross-category, cross-channel, and cross-market stimuli. Using our collections feature, you can curate relevant themes or explore what other users have put together.

Unlock insights faster with Shelfgram Analytics

Track the top winners and losers each week, learn which details your best - or worst - performing stores have in common, and rapidly shape category strategies to drive future growth in your business.

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