Spend more time selling

Automate photo capture, tagging, and reporting

Automated tagging

Shelfgram's mobile app is really simple. Just take photos on your phone's camera the way you normally would. Then, whenever you have a moment or are back on WiFi, you can bulk upload them.

We use the latest in machine learning to tag your photos so that you can spend more time selling and merchandising.

See your territory

Shelfgram gives you the visibility you need to decide which locations need your attention.

Our crowsourced solutions can also provide you with ongoing visibility in hard to reach locations.

Collaborate with HQ

Keep your team connected and on top of their daily priorities with the simplest mobile retail store audit software.

Manage your store checks in one place

Shelfgram is your central repository for collecting, organizing, and sharing retail insights from the field

Without Shelfgram

With Shelfgram

Without Shelfgram
New on Shelfgram

Bring the store check into your office with Shelfgram’s new photo slideshows!

We know it’s hard to find the time to do store checks and many of us only see a few nearby locations. With the industry now returning to the…

Do more with Shelfgram Enterprise

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  • Unlimited seats

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Shelfgram is an end-to-end CPG insights suite, empowering teams to better understand their category and win at retail execution.
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