Global monitoring of your retail licenses

Create alerts to spot check compliance and get new ideas to generate incremental revenue

Shelfgram can help you grow your business

  • Get alerted about possible infringements to your license
  • Check that brand guidelines are being followed
  • Make sure licensees are only selling in authorized channels and territories
  • Better understand how your license is being used
  • Find growth opportunities in new categories and markets
  • Identify training needs to support your licensees
  • Conduct category research to identify prospective licensees
  • Customize sales materials with relevant examples of execution

Establish a world-class brand licensing program

Shelfgram facilitates continuous quality control of brand licensing programs at brick-and-mortar retail to protect brand integrity, minimize the risks of licensing, and reveal new opportunities for growth.

Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada

Monitor contract compliance

Shelfgram can help you defend your license across brick-and-mortar retail. Set up Shelf Alerts and get notified about possible infringements with a date-stamped photo tied to a specific retailer and location.

Learn from the best

Identify incremental business opportunities across new categories and markets by looking at industry-leading global consumer product licenses.

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