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The store check.


Fly around the world

Learn the ground truth by instantly travelling to far-flung retail locations.

Travel back in time

Understand long-term changes in your category with historical store tours.

See with AI vision

Filter with unmatched precision to gain a new level of retail execution insights.

Get the full picture of what's happening in store.

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Shelfgram gives your team a common understanding of the category.

Gain advisor-level intel

Not the category advisor? That’s okay. You’ve got visibility now.

Check execution compliance

Make sure that stores are placing products as they should.

Get a reality check

Quickly validate pricing, assortment, adjacencies and more.

Save the day with context

Bring qualitative context to every quantitative insight for better meetings and decisions.

Drive more revenue

Boost sales with proof of low stock, fresh competitor insights, or forays into new segments.

Widen your aperture

Import retail best practices from other parts of the world.

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Try out the new map filter for fine-grain control

At Shelfgram, we want to give you the tools to get any level of retail visibility from a total market lens to a single store location. That…

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Shelfgram is a retail insights platform that supercharges the store check. We offer a suite of AI-powered tools that empower businesses to understand a more holistic picture of their retail execution.
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