Trade-Optimized Media

Your agency does their best to deliver your content efficiently to the target audience. Unfortunately, if your products are out-of-stock and your competitors are on display, your media investment is driving their business instead.

Shelfgram's wide view of retail conditions enables us to route shoppers around retail execution issues and leverage your best stores to deliver more sales.

Our algorithm analyzes distribution, on-shelf availability, display presence, and flyer activity to assign a quality score to locations across your retail network. You can turn off ads around unfavourable stores while boosting media around locations where your brand is more likely to get the sale.

Optimizing for

Guide shoppers to your brand

Shelfgram's unique vantage point let's us detect real-time trade activity, so you can dynamically send shoppers to stores where you're most likely to convert the sale.

Make every media dollar count

Stop driving trips to the category that fall into your competitor's hands. Instead, programatically turn off ads around unfavourable locations.

Better shopper experience

Nobody likes when they can't find new product innovation or their favourite brand is out-of-stock. Use our data to mitigate supply-chain issues and reduces chargebacks.

Offer reciprocal support

The more retailers give you in-store support, the more media they get from you. Level the playing field by connecting your investment to theirs.

Immediately boost digital media performance

import shelfgram

api = shelfgram.Api(
api_key=[KEY], access_token=[TOKEN]

retail_locations = api.GetQualityScore(
channels=['grocery', 'mass', 'club', 'convenience'],
categories=['cough, cold & flu'],


{"lat":42.43084, "lng": -82.216983, "quality_score": 0.41},{"lat":43.63241, "lng": -79.5544281, "quality_score": 0.73},{"lat":43.74189, "lng": -79.69658831612318, "quality_score": -0.60},{"lat":44.40770, "lng": -79.7053241562376, "quality_score": 0.22},{"lat":45.64743, "lng": -72.95030725000001, "quality_score": 0.93},

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